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How to login to SolusVM Control Panel? - March 16,2018
After you received your VPS login details you can find a VPS Login URL, username and password in your welcome email.

How to check whether the VPS status is "online" or "offline"? - March 16,2018
If you want to check your SolusVM VPS status, and determine whether the VPS is offline or online, you can find out from the client area or from the SolusVM Control Panel.

How to Check the RAM of the VPS, the IP, the Disk Capacity, and the Virtualization Details? - March 16,2018
You can check your VPS specification like RAM, disk space, virtualization, IP Address, etc from the SolusVM Control Panel.

How to Change the SolusVM Account Email Address? - March 16,2018
If you want to update your SolusVM VPS Control panel email address, follow this instruction.

How to Enable or Disable the SolusVM VPS Login Alert? - March 16,2018
Whenever you login to your VPS control panel, you will receive a login email alert and you can disable this function from the SolusVM. However, we recommend that you enable this feature for security reasons.

How to Change the SolusVM Control Panel Password? - March 16,2018
If you can access your SolusVM VPS control panel, you can easily change your SolusVM password. We recommend you to change the password every few months or use a secure password.