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How to access the WordPress admin account? - March 7,2018
WordPress is a CMS software with an easy to access admin account and a simple to manage blog system. In order to access your WordPress account, you need to follow these instructions:

How to remove sample comments, posts on a new WordPress blog? - March 7,2018
If you installed a fresh WordPress blog system on your website ,before writing new posts, you will need to remove the sample comments, blog posts, etc. This can be done in the following way:

How to start writing your first blog post in WordPress? - March 7,2018
description to start writting your first blog in wordpress

How to remove your post in WordPress? - March 16,2018
You can remove your published or draft post in WordPress.

How to remove multiple posts with a single click in WordPress? - March 16,2018
It is possible to remove multiple post in your WordPress dashboard. You can also remove selected posts with just a few clicks.

How to add a new category in WordPress? - March 16,2018
Description to add a new category in WordPress

How to remove the Uncategorized category from WordPress? - March 16,2018
You can not remove "Uncategorized" Category but you can rename it

How to remove a category in WordPress? - March 16,2018
If you want to remove WordPress category then follow this instruction:

How to Install a New Theme in WordPress? - March 16,2018
You can install a new WordPress theme without having any technical knowledge. It"s so easy and automated.

How to Manually Install a Theme on WordPress Using the Admin Dashboard? - March 16,2018
You downloaded a new theme from trusted website and want to install it on your WordPress site using the WordPress Admin area. If that"s the case, follow this tutorial.

How to Delete/Remove a WordPress theme from the WordPress Dashboard? - March 16,2018
We recommended you to remove unused themes. This is a good practice for protecting your WordPress website from vulnerabilities.

How to Install a Plugin in WordPress? - March 16,2018
You can install a plugin in WordPress in a number of ways. The best way to install a plugin is to use the WordPress Admin Dashboard which allows you to install plugins automatically.

How to Manually Install a Plugin in WordPress? - March 16,2018
Automatic installation of a plugin is easy and you can also install on manually. It will involve manually downloading a plugin, uploading and activating it.

Make sure you already downloaded a zip file of the plugin to your desktop.

How to Deactivate and Delete a Plugin in WordPress? - March 16,2018
If your plugin is not in use or you wish to deactivate it, you can do this from the WordPress admin dashboard. You can also delete deactivated plugins.

How to Forcefully Update a Plugin in WordPress? - March 16,2018
If your WordPress plugin is not working properly or you want to re-install it even when it is updated to its latest version, without losing data, you can do this without removing the plugin.

How to Change the Password of a WordPress Account? - March 16,2018
If you are logged in into your wordpress admin account, you can easily change your password.

How to Change the Display Name of a WordPress User Account? - March 16,2018
You can change the display name of your WordPress account which show on a WordPress post or comments without changing your wordpress username.